Healing stones are a care tool for your mind and internal beauty which Honulea Hawaii was established. We make custom healing stone bracelets & keychains by using our gifted intuition to maximize your potential wellbeing.

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Mia Takamatsu

Soul Care Specialist

Entrepreneur, Empath (Sixth Sense), founder of Honulea Hawaii LLC since 2016 with her husband Michael Wong. 

Mia helped hundreds of people from the U.S., Japan, Canada, South Korea, etc. to lead them to a positive direction in life and to release their blocked energy to maximize potential wellbeing. She will do her best to help people to take the first step toward the life that you can feel happy from the bottom of your heart.


What you can overcome from Mia's Custom Healing Stones

• Stress
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Relationship Issue
• Financial Issue
• Health
• Career Goal
• Physical Pain
• And More







How much do you spend for your external beauty (skin care, make up, etc.)? Your internal beauty comes from your mind.  How much do you spend for your internal beauty? We are here to maximize your internal beauty.


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