Healing stones are a care tool for your mind and soul which Honulea Hawaii was established. We make custom healing stone bracelets & key chains by using natural empath reading and energy intuition.

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Mia Takamatsu

Empath Reader

Empath reader, founder of Honulea Hawaii LLC since 2016. 

Mia helped hundreds of people from the U.S., Japan, Canada, South Korea, etc. to lead them to a positive direction in life and to release their blocked energy to bring their souls to the next level. She will do her best to help people to take the first step toward a life that they can feel happy from the bottom of their hearts.



What you can overcome from Mia's Custom Healing Stones

• Stress
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Relationship Issue
• Financial Issue
• Health
• Career Goal
• Physical Pain
• And More

I thought Mia's reading ability was really amazing. He gave me polite advice in a very easy-to-speak environment. Whether it's work or romance, I knew exactly where I should go. If you are worried about your life, we recommend that you consult with Mia! A friend who has made several custom gemstones in Hawaii also said, "This is the best." I also like the power stones made by Mia. If you get lost again, I will go to the consultation. thank you!

Women in their thirties

Since my heart was dry from the morning, I wanted to receive Mia's counseling today, so I'm sorry to bother you. I had the bracelet that I had made before remade. I talked to Mia and got some power, so I think I can move on again. Thank you very much.
I will come to play again!

Women in their thirties

I was happy to hear the story and show me the direction to go. It's easy to understand because you can tell me what to do specifically. Above all, Mia's smile gives her a sense of security! !! Every day I felt anxious and worried, so I'm glad I met at the right time. Thank you! !!

Women in their twenties