Mia Takamatsu

Soul Care Specialist

Entrepreneur, Empath (Sixth Sense), founder of Honulea Hawaii LLC since 2016 with her husband Michael Wong. 

Mia helped hundreds of people from the U.S., Japan, Canada, South Korea, etc. to lead them to a positive direction in life and to release their blocked energy to maximize potential wellbeing. She will do her best to help people to take the first step toward the life that you can feel happy from the bottom of your heart.


Born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in Osaka, Japan.  Currently living in Honolulu, Hawaii with her husband and daughter. I enjoy spending family time.

I was raised in a family with my mother who communicates deceased in her dream and father who absolutely do not believe in the spiritual world. I realized my sixth sense at a young age and my mother told me that not a lot of people have the ability. I grew up in a society where people think that spirituality is a religion and also is a tool to deceive people. My mother told me that if anyone finds out that you have the sixth sense, they will think you are abnormal. Since then, I told myself that I do not have the sixth sense. 


However, I could not ignore my sixth sense. During my freshman year in college, one of my good friends suddenly told me that I have a sixth sense. My friend also admitted that she has a similar ability too. She was my first friend that I told her about my ability. 


Later in my college life, more than 10 people with a similar ability told me that I have a sixth sense which made me not to ignore my ability. My husband has an interest in healing stones so I followed him to the stone shop. I was surprised that I have felt the energy from the healing stones just like human beings. We started to visit many healing stone shops to see how they make bracelets. I realized that I can do a better job making custom bracelets by using my ability that matches their energy. 


My husband encouraged me to open a shop to sell custom healing stone bracelets which is named Honulea Hawaii. After opening a shop in Honolulu, I have met more people who have the spiritual ability and told me that it is a gift to have the ability. Since I was really new to the spiritual business, I have seen people who believe that you do not need a special license or certificate to use the spiritual ability to make a big profit and just chase for money. After I found out that there are many businesses taking advantage of using the spiritual ability to chase for money as their intent, I felt really discouraged. 

I know that my ability is a gift to help people. I believe that spirituality is not a religion and healing stones are not just a good luck charm. I believe that healing stones are tools used for internal beauty that can maximize your potential wellbeing. I did not open this company to make a big profit and to chase for money. My mission is to lead people in a positive direction in life to help them feel happiness from the bottom of your heart.